Munster Circuit Success

What a sensational circuit for the Glenariff Dachshunds.  In Mini Smooths the entry varied from 36-42 and over the 5 shows our 3 boys – Myles, Dave and Caesar won their classes at every shows.  We won 5 Green Stars including the double at the Crufts Qualifing Hound Assocaition show. 5 Reserve Green Stars, 4 Best of…


Basil won the Pointer Green Star

And in Dachshunds, judged by Hound specialist Mr J H De Mello from Portugal  it was another 1, 2 for the boys with Dave taking the Green Star over Caesar. Claire took second in Open bitch in a strong class.

Dave went on to take Best of Breed


Dachshunds – Myles, Dave and Caesar all won their classes again and Claire took second in Open bitch. 

Caesar won the Green Star and Best of Breed and Dave took the reserve Green Star.  

Pointers – Basil won his class and the Reserve Green Star

Hound Association of Ireland

We had 5 Dachshunds and Basil with us for the Munster Circuit week   We had moved Dave at just 9 months old up to the Junior class as our new puppies Myles and Erica made their debut. Ceasar was in Champion Dog and Claire in Open bitch. We had a brilliant start to the week! Hans…