Clumber Spaniel Puppies

We are occassional breeders and sometimes have puppies available for sale to permanent, loving homes.

7 days old

7 days old

Our litters are planned in advance with careful thought to temperament and health as well as pedigree with our breeding dogs and bitches having appropriate health certificates.

With both our Clumbers being male we obvoiusly have no plans for a clumber litter!

Enquires are always welcome.

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Current Litters

F Litter – born May 2010

Miniature Smooth Dachshund -  1 silver dapple bitch

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave) x Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)


G Litter – born June 2010

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds - 1 dog – black & tan and 2 bitches – 1 chocolate dapple, 1 silver dapple

Glenariff dapple puppies 2 days old

Our dapple babies enjoying a drink from mum - 2 days old

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave) x Dam: Kathington Hi Definition at Glenariff (Mia)

New pictures – posted 11th June2011


Previous Litters

E litter – Born 2/2/2010

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds  2 dogs, 1 bitch – all Black and Tan

Sire: Ch Kathington A Choired by Glenariff (Ceasar) x Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)

We kept and dog and the bitch from this litter

Glenariff Einstein (Myles) & Glenariff Evening Primrose (Erica)


D Litter – Born 14/12/2007

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds 2 bitches  - 1 Black and Tan, 1 Red

Sire: Ch Radcliffe Pelicanus of Batendach x Dam: Glenariff Blackberry (Eva)

We retained both these bitches

Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin) & Glenariff Destiny (Amber)