The Pointers are Wendy’s love and passion.

We started in Pointers with the arrival of Lily – a seven month old rescue dog in need of some love and attention. She settled in quickly and is quite at home on the sofa beside you or streteched out in fornt of the fire.

To get Lily socialised we decided to join a training class. Obedience we thought, but she won a rosette at the ring craft match and several people enouraged us to show and that was that!

Together Wendy and Lily learnt the ropes, so to speak and for a rescue dog have did really well with several Best of Breeds to their credit.

As Lily has matured we decided to get another Pointer to keep her company.

December 2003 saw Heather from the Hookwood Pointer kennels of Sue Welch joined the team.

Heather has been a joy to show and has won well throughout her puppy classes in 2004. She won a CC at Belfast Championship show in 2006 and won 34 green stars in total . Sadly we had to say goodbye to her  at Christmas 2009 at 6 years old

The latest arrival to our home is Basil also from the Hookwood Kennels  and has taken to showing like a true professional. He has just loved it from his first outing to ringcraft and is just going from strength to strength.