7 days old

7 days old

Glenariff dapple puppies 2 days old

A couple of contented dapple pups suckling from their mum – just 2 days old!


A typical Glenariff puppy – ready for the world.

We are delighted to announce that our  Pointer,  Lucy has been confirmed in Whelp with a litter due in October 2015.

Thank you to Colette & Roger Perkins for allowing us to use the very handsome Ollie, Sh Ch Kanix Fate of Brent, Ireland’s Current #1 Pointer for 2015

 We are planning to mate our Dachshunds, Poppy and Frankie when they next come in season  October/ November 2015.

Enquires are always welcome.

Our litters are planned in advance with careful thought to temperament and health as well as pedigree with our breeding dogs and bitches having appropriate health certificates.

Our puppies are home reared, micro-chipped, insured and veterinary health certificated. They are KC registered and we ask all potential new owners to sign our contract of sale.

Having a Glenariff puppy will make you one of our extended family and we are here should you need us for the puppies lifetime. Indeed many of our “Glenariff’s” visit from time to time and several regularly come to stay with us when their owners head off on holiday.

We can offer wonderful family pets and top quality show potential puppies to permanent loving homes.

Genuine enquiries welcomed

Pointer Litter Due October 2015

We are excited to announce that our Lucy has been confirmed in whelp.

This will be our first litter of Glenariff Pointers and we are looking forward to their safe arrival October 2015.

View these puppies exciting pedigree below

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great Great-Grandparents
Sh Ch, NL Ch & Int Ch Carmandine Kimono of GlenariffLucy

Orange & White

UK Sh Ch Fleurfields Flambeau Hawkfield Dapper In Black UK Sh Ch Scobec Lookin Dapper
Hawkfield Cinnamon
Carmelfair Evian Carmelfair Cabernet
Carmelfair Sari
Carmandine Fortune Cookie Fleurfields Flame for Glowmist Lowsmoor Silent Witness at Carofel
UK Ch Hookwood Pretty Woman by Fleurfields
Carmelfair Meadow Lark UK Sh Ch Tawbarn Star Eclipse of Fleurfield
Lokmadi Rachel Wall at Carmelfair
Sh Ch Kanix Fate of BrentOllie

Black & White

Aust & NZ Ch & UK Sh Ch Robwyn Dreams Are Free at Ridanflight NZ Ch Chesterhope Catch The Dream at Robwyn NZ Ch Robwyn Time To Tell
Top Shot Dazzle
NZ CH Atsira Never Say Never Aust Ch Vossmead Firecrest of Crookrise
Aust Ch Rowenglen Lady Stella
UK Sh Ch Kanix Beatrice UK Sh Ch Kiswahili Martin at Kanix Sh Ch NZ & Aust Ch Chesterhope Lets Be Serious at Kanix
Wyndsmoor Gold Lace of Kiswahili
Bracendown Buds of May UK Sh Ch Bracendown Locomotion
Wherathy Storm Bird at Bracendown
Our Previous Litters

M Litter – born June 2015

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

3 puppies – 1 red dog, 1 chocolate & tan dog and 1 black & tan bitch

Sire: Glenariff Kindred Spirit (Spencer)

Dam: Glenariff Jasmine (Hazel)

From this litter

Glenariff Magic Star (Star) has found a forever home in Magherafelt

Glenariff Midas Touch (Tom) & Glenariff Masterpiece (Harriet) for now are staying with us

L Litter – born October 2014

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

1 red dapple dog puppy

Sire: Consulate Don George Of Aragon At Glenariff (George)

Dam: Glenariff Ganche (Frankie)

From this litter

Glenariff Lone Ranger (Lucas) has gone to a super family in Belfast.

K Litter – born August 2013

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

3 puppies – 2 x dogs & 1 bitch, all black & tan

Sire: Glenariff Hypnotist (Harry)

Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)

From this litter

Glenariff Kindred Spirit (Spencer) is living locally with Emma & Nicky Coulter and their son Jack.

Glenariff Keep Calm at Cwmdarhian (Fletcher) is in Australia with Chris Moes and Rhian Williams (Cwmdarhian)

J Litter – born October 2012

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

1 x chocolate dapple bitch

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave)

Dam: Kathington Hi Definition at Glenariff (Mia)

From this litter we kept the chocolate dapple bitch

Glenariff Jasmine (Hazel)

I Litter – born September 2012

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

1 x black & tan bitch

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave)

Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)

H Litter – born April 2012

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

1 x black & tan bitch

Sire: Ch Kathington A Choired by Glenariff (Ceasar)

Dam: Caroline’s Lady Luck of Glenariff (Claire)

G Litter – born June 2011

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

2 bitches – 1 chocolate dapple & 1 silver dapple

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave) x Dam: Kathington Hi Definition at Glenariff (Mia)

We kept the chocolate dapple bitch from this litter

Glenariff Ganache (Frankie)

F Litter – born May 2011

Miniature Smooth Dachshund

1 x silver dapple bitch

Sire: Ch Donnadoon Silver Dollar at Glenariff (Dave) x Dam: Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)

E Litter – born February 2010

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

2 dogs, 1 bitch – all Black and Tan

Sire: Ch Kathington A Choired by Glenariff (Ceasar) x Dam: Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin)

We kept both a dog and the bitch from this litter

Glenariff Einstein (Myles) & Glenariff Evening Primrose (Erica)

D Litter – born December 2007

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

2 bitches  – 1 Black and Tan, 1 Red

Sire: Ch Radcliffe Pelicanus of Batendach x Dam: Glenariff Blackberry (Eva)

We retained both these bitches

Glenariff Demoiselle (Erin) & Glenariff Destiny (Amber)

C Litter – born January 2005

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

1 black & tan bitch

Sire: Toleva’s Trojan Prince x Dam: Lauel Dilly Day Dream (Dilly)

Glenariff Calyso went to lovely home in England

B Litter – born December 2002

Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

5 puppies – 1 shaded red dog, 2 shaded red bitches and 2 black & tan bitches

Sire: Toleva’s Trojan Prince x Dam: Lauel Dilly Day Dream (Dilly)

From this, our first litter we kept 2 bitches

Glenariff Bramble (Lulu) ,shaded red and Glenariff Blackberry (Eva), black and tan

Lulu become our first champion in the breed!