Laurel Dilly Day Dream

Ir Ch Deercroft Daedalus x Heidi of Laurel

Shaded Red

25th February 1999 – October 2014                                                             PRA (cord1) – Not Tested

 It is with sadness that at almost 17 years old we had to give peace to Dilly.  She was very special in our hearts as she was our first miniature smooth dachshund.

She was gift from a dear friend who was taken from us before time and I am sure Joan has been watching over her and her generations all these years. A sweet natured girl, Dilly had the run of the house from the day she arrived and if she was not soaking up the suns rays in the conservatory, pottering the garden or checking the fridge or your plate, she would be asleep on the sofa having wrapped herself up in a blanket.
She will be fondly remembered by us all and it is strange to sittting down of an evening knowing that she is not there on the sofa beside us.
Until we meet again, goodnight sweetheart

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